Use of Computer in School Administration

Use of Computer in School Administration

The computer age has really shaped the society and particularly activities in various learning institutions and the general administrative bodies and offices. This resource material is provided freely to help users find and discuss the various uses of computer in school administration.

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Computer in today’s world has really shaped activities in our everyday life. The use of computer in schools of various disciplines is discussed in details stating its role in helping the former system of running the administrative cycle.

Running a Database System

One good use of the computer in school administration is in communication and assessments of school administrative members and students. A computer database is built by a system analyst and implement by a system programmer to manage school database linking the various departments. With the use of the intranet network (i.e. network within the school), information is shared among the various departments, staff and students all having access to the internet. The intranet is more valuable on the side of information management department which in most cases work round the clock to provide valuable information.

Multimedia in teaching and learning

A more interactive study is gained through the use of the multimedia technology in teaching and learning. Multimedia interactive teaching and learning involve the use of a computer aided software and a designed demo with clear illustration in audio-visual form (as seen of the TV) to disseminate information to staff and students using the projector devices and networked personal computers. It is clearly observed that teaching and learning is passed to the beneficiaries more than mere teaching and learning either by gesticulations or writing on the board.

Access to the Web

Staff and students as well as visitors are granted access to the school website to explore facts about the school and their respective activities. Here also staff and students are entitled to have a username and password to log on to their profile page or web and this will in turn grant them access to participate in life events. Such learning could be between a lecturer and the students via web conferencing. Furthermore, one can easily contact the school for enquiries or register to join the school either as a student or staff (academic and non-academic). Of course one can be granted the access to run online programmes, write papers and check school results on the internet.

On this too, the school administration and students can go for a research work on the various websites. This is fast replacing the long-term planning on research taking so much time, expenses and risk. The e-library is a sure guide to school research works and advanced studies online.


Apart from most out-door events, other leisure are incorporated in the school curriculum and such recreational activities today have lots fun from the use of computer in gaming, brain test exercises and general quiz competitions.

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